Ask the Breakthrough Expert: Anti-Social Proof in Katy

Dear Breakthrough Expert,

I have been reading a lot about marketing my business and I keep coming across the term Social Proof.  Is that part of Social Media and how important is it to use Social Proof?


Anti-Social Proof in Katy


Dear Anti-Social in Katy,

Social Proof is one of the best marketing tools you can use.  In fact, I use it in as many ways as possible for myself and my clients.

Think of Social Proof as a third part endorsement, or positive peer pressure. In what I believe is one of the best book on social proof ― Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion said this “The principle of social proof says so: The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be correct.”

Your talent, expertise and experience is only as valuable as your prospects believe it to be. Once people have used your service they know how great you are, but prospects do not.  They must make a judgment to use you based on your marketing.


That is why your marketing must include social proof.  Referrals from existing clients are among the best social proof.  When someone send a special offer or letter singing your praises to a prospect that they know and are friends with you automatically gain the prospects trust of the person that is referring you.  The current client is serving as social proof to the prospect he referred to you.

Referrals rarely happen in a vacuum, I instruct my clients to request referrals at key times and offer meaningful referral rewards to but the current client and prospect should they decide to work with me.

Yelp and Facebook reviews are example of social proof on social media.  This type of review gains authority because they are outside of the businesses control.  It is great to reviews 5 star reviews, but a lesser review gives you the opportunity to show you are responsive and willing to listen to customer feedback and make thing right.  Linking to these reviews from your website takes advantage of these reviews and creates backlinks to you site.
Testimonials are another great social proof, but there are some pitfalls you must be aware of.  First never use unnamed testimonials, people will assume they are false or that the person giving the testimonial was not willing to give their name so didn’t truly believe what the testimonial said.

Video rules!  We are hardwired to believe someone more readily when we can look them in the eyes.  To see and hear a person giving examples of your business or expertise has helped them is very powerful social proof.

I chose 9 of my favorite testimonials videos for my website, dealing with different aspects of my business.  Prospect can hear from clients about the benefits of my Coaching, Workshops and Master Mind Groups.  I simply ask participants if I could shoot a quick video, while they were excited about what they had learned.  A simple 15 to 45 second video shot with your phone with a clear background is all you need.

If you cannot get video use a photo along with the person name, this will provide the reader assurance that the testimonial is legitimate.

Media coverage is the holy grail of social proof.  Look at local publications, and websites that take contributors articles.  I recently partnered with a Publicity Agency and learned there are guaranteed methods to getting national coverage. If you decide to use an agency make sure they guarantee placement!

Social Proof is very important to marketing your business, it gains you instant trust and make prospects decisions to you use much easier.  For more, and there is much more, on Social Proof Visit .

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