Social Proof 100% Required for Success

What is Social Proof and why is it important?

Think of social proof as a 3rd party endorsement or word of mouth. Social Proof is trust transferred from others to your prospect.

Word of mouth almost died out!   50 years ago, we all lived a few miles from where we were born, went to school and we got jobs in the same area. We were surrounded by a network of family and friend we trusted.  If we found a great burger we would casually mention it to those friends and family.  They would try it based on our recommendation. The same thing with services like carpet cleaning or larger purchases.  “We are a Ford Family”.

In today’s more mobile world we often find family members each in their own city and friends from school scattered across the US and beyond.

The networks that word of mouth traveled had seriously declined.

Enter social media, with people sharing pictures of their dinner and every one of their children’s activities those business receive the benefit of social proof…word of mouth was reborn in a digital age.

Why is social proof important?  70% of consumers check Facebook and Yelp reviews before the make a purchase.

It is important to ask happy customer to make a review at the end of a transaction or service because people are 10 times more likely to make a negative review than a positive one.

Don’t panic if you get a bad review, a negative review can be an opportunity to show that you are sensitive to customer needs and willing to make things right. Never argue with a bad review it will only reinforce the negative connotation.

The best social media social proof is a post and pictures posted by your customer…so again ask for the review when you have just done a great job for them.

Social Proof is not just social media, referrals are among the strongest forms of social proof.  When a satisfied client recommends you, preferably in writing, you automatically gain the trust that the prospect has in the person that referred them.

Always have a planned and known reward for the person that referred you and a special offer for the new customer.  It goes without saying you should always do you best work. But if you slight a referred prospect you will have lost both the prospect and the client that referred them to you.

Testimonial are also key social proof.  On my website, I chose 9 of my best video testimonial, each was taken immediately following a workshop, Mastermind or coaching session.


We are hard wired to believe people more when we can look them in the eye, even in video.  If you cannot get a video at least use a photo of the person giving the testimonial.  Never use a testimonial without a name, it will cause more doubt.

You are creating Social Proof for your business, it is only matter of whether you want to control if it is beneficial or damaging!

If you would like help with social proof or other marketing strategies, call 832.266.9125 and mention this article for a special offer.

Until next time may you achieve success as you define it!

David Whitfield

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