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Facebook for Business

Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, using Facebook to promote your business is an obvious choice.

Facebook may be an excellent marketing tactic, but it is subject to the New Rule of Three like all business and marketing efforts.  The three keys to marketing are:

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Ask the Breakthrough Expert: Am I Over-Dressed in Houston

Dear Breakthrough Expert,

More and more people at my office are wearing casual clothes all the time. Is the time of the suit and tie going the way of the dinosaur? Should I just give in and wear a polo?


Over-dressed in Houston

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The More Focused the Marketing, the Higher the Return on Investment

Marketing is the lifeline of any business, but many companies are  marketing to people who most likely never will be their clients. The single most common marketing mistake in both small and large businesses is...

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One Minute Marketer: Words Mean Something

Well of course they do, that’s what they do, they mean stuff. The question is which words mean which stuff. Rush Limbaugh is often heard saying he possesses “talent on loan from God.” A well-meaning caller suggested that God had given him that talent. Limbaugh, using only the title of this tip...

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Answers from the Board: Appreciation Goes A Long Way Towards Motivation

Dear Board,
I own a ten-person, professional security firm. I have six long-time
employees and four newer employees. I want to keep them all motivated, I have two questions. Do I have to do the same thing for everyone, new and old, and other than big cash bonuses what can I do to motivate them?
Wanting happy people...

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One Minute Marketer: Get Specific

Get specific. Have you ever sat back and thought about what you would do if you won the lottery? Ah…dreams - they are great for the lottery, not so good for marketing plans and strategies. Most often, when you ask someone or yourself what your marketing plans are, you may list several ideas. “We are beefing up our customer service,” “I think direct mail is promising,” and many...